Olive oil Medina, the pleasure of a delicious olive oil

Our extra virgini olive oil is made using the ancient method of the Medina Family. It's produced with proper respect for the traditions of our natural enviroment in the Gargano in Puglia.


The Medina extra virgin olive oil is a product of superior quality; It is low in acidity and is ideal for any type of diet.


The Medina family undertake every step of production of its olive oil starting with the collection of the olives from our ancient groves of olive trees thought to the cold press and of course to the final packaging.


Medina family oil is 100% olive oil.

We never blend or use other oils!

The collection

The collection of the olives takes place in October within our own farms in Vieste, which is known asthe "pearl of the Gargano" in the heart of the National Park of the Gargano in puglia, and is set amongst sea and hills.

The offer

We offer Medina extra virgin olive oil in bottles of 0.75 Lt and in tins of various sizes: 1 lt, 3 lt, 5 lt and 10 lt.


If you wish to purchase larger quantities we can offer an individual prices.


You can email/phone us and we will send you a quote for your attention, including a quote for postage

Our types of oil

Choose among our various types of oil:



This is the authentic exta virgin olive oil from our centernary olive trees with its sweet and delicate tast, which is suitable for any usa


The extra virgin olive oil has the added taste of either lemon or chilli pepper in order to give that extra touch of flavour.

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